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Patient Testimonials

Discover the power of our patients' words on our testimonial page. Hear firsthand accounts of their experiences and let the results speak for themselves.

Barbara G

I cannot speak highly enough of the care I received from Mary at Boca Raton Physical Therapy Center. While visiting in Florida, I pulled my back and was in excruciating pain. Mary did a comprehensive assessment, diagnosed my specific challenge and provided exceptional treatment and exercises to complete between treatment sessions. In addition to being a terrific clinician, Mary is warm, compassionate and a pleasure to work with
Thank you Mary!!

Wendy T

Two days ago I limped into Boca Raton Physical Therapy Center for an appointment with Gerry Stern. I was missing work as a faux finisher with a swollen knee that was so painful to walk on, never mind climbing scaffolding and ladders. Within the one hour appointment, not only did my swelling go down but I was able to walk out instead of limping. I told Gerry Stern is magical! LOL Honestly, he is brilliant. I feel amazing and can now go back to work on Monday. He also saved me hundreds if not thousands. I had planned on going to a Doctor, getting and MRI and so on. For a small fee in comparison he diagnosed my knee as being a mechanical issue and with light exercise movements I can reduce swelling and pain on my own. Thank you Gerry for all your help this week and through the years. You are the BEST!!

Paul A

I have been treated by Gerry Stern over at Boca Raton PT Center for at least few years now on several different occasions...I am 55 yrs old and still play Ice Hockey Goalie as a sport, so you can imagine my injuries (Back/Knees/Hips/Groin/
Shoulders), I am a mechanical mess! Gerry absolutely never ceases to amaze me with his knowledge, patience and diagnosis each and every visit. Look no further on your search for an honest and amazing genius of a Physical Therapist!

John S

I was delighted by my experience at Boca Raton Physical Therapy Center. Mary provided excellent guidance throughout my recovery process. When my stage of recovery seemed stagnant, I was able to explore different avenues and she reassured me that it was ok, and I slowly but surely recovered. Even though I did not work with him, Gerry is great as well, he is very observant, analytical, and even a good coach, as he told me I need to push harder when doing cardio.

Nancy H

Unlike Humpty Dumpty, with all my spinal problems they were able to put me back together after I suffered a fall from vertigo and gave myself a compression fracture. It has been 8 months of PT and I am stronger and back
in action thanks to their expertise and encouragement. I was in good hands! Boca PT was friendly, professional and most importantly healing.

Susan S

Boca Raton Physical Therapy is a place you want to go if you need help with gaining back mobility and strength. I was referred by my physician and I couldn't be happier. Gerry and Mary are such professional, patient, and caring therapists, they do such a great job. Ke at the front desk is awesome, she is a great asset to the company. The facility is always clean and sanitized throughout the day. I am well on my way to having my lower back pain fully relieved. I am so glad I chose this facility. I would highly recommend Boca Raton Physical Therapy to anyone.
I'm incredibly pleased with the results of my physical therapy at BRPT. After an injury to my shoulder, I was unable to raise my arm and complete even the most basic daily functions. I lived with extreme pain and had many sleepless nights (especially if I accidentally rolled over in my sleep).
Thanks to Gerry at BRPT, I've regained all movement and I'm now completely pain free. Gerry is a true professional who thoroughly evaluated my injury and then taught me simple, but impactful exercises I was able to continue at home. More importantly, he educated me on the importance of avoiding inflammation, enabling my shoulder to heal quickly. BRPT utilizes the McKenzie Method (look it up), which was FAR BETTER than any "treatment" | tried at other area physical therapy centers. Be patient, follow Gerry's clear guidance, do the home exercise as directed, and you'll see results.

Highly recommend!

Sandy H

Alexa Young, CA

Dagmara P

Mary is truly a miracle worker. She's kind and patient with my questions and progress. I've been dealing with a disk rupture and Mary helped me regain movement of my leg. When I came to her I could barely walk. Because of her I'm able to independently move and go about my day. The practice follows the McKenzie method and caters your therapy
to your individual needs and progress. I recommend Mary to anyone who is looking for a physical therapist. Thank you
Mary for all you've done for me.

Saber S

I came to this facility suffering from a knee injury that happened over 3 years ago. There was not a day that passed that I didn't have knee pain while walking or sitting and running was out of the question. Gerald gave me a pro- gram, and I followed it and today I ran for the first time in three years. The most unbelievable part, this is my second visit. I would recommend anyone and everyone here. They are amazing and professional.

Christina W

I have and would continue to recommend Gerry Stern for any Physical Therapy needs. He is so knowledgeable and patiently explains your injury and what he can do and help you to do to get better quickly. Gerry has healed me, my husband and 2 sons from injuries and surgeries. Simply the best therapist!

Larry G

I'm a school teacher and a coach at Boynton Beach High School. I have had a great experience at this office. I have seen Gerry for a torn ACL and also for a tear in my shoulder. Gerry is a people person. He explains how we were
going to attack the problem and how we were going to get me back to 100%. Gerry is very good at what he does. He doesn't just schedule appointments to keep you coming back in, if you don't need too. He gives you things to do at home so you can recover quickly. If you do what he asks you, you will have success. I would not go any other
place. Gerry Stern is the best in the business.

Sean L

Gerald Stern's help and treatment methods had more immediate results and gave me much greater relief than the few weeks that I had seen a chiropractor after injuring my back. Within 8 weeks of starting treatment with Boca Raton Physical Therapy I feel symptom free and have knowledge of treating any discomfort on my own when needed. A big thank you to Gerry and Mary at Boca Raton Physical therapy.


I received a back injury and was told by doctors that my career was over and that I needed surgery. A friend recommended that I go to Boca Raton Physical therapy center to see if there was anything they could do. Mary and Gerry took the time to understand my condition and devised a plan to address it, working with me and modifying my treatment along the way as my recovery progressed. I am happy to say that due to their hard work and dedication I have made an amazing recovery and am back on my feel with full function. I did not need tohave any surgery.Boca Raton Physical Therapy center was recommended to me, now I am recommending them to you.
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