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Physical Therapy


Our Approach

At Boca Raton Physical Therapy Center we provide treatment utilizing a system of total patient care known as the McKenzie Method®.  The McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) is an approach that is trusted and used by practitioners and patients all over the world for common back, neck, and extremity problems.

The McKenzie Method® promotes the body's potential to heal itself without medication, heat, cold, ultrasound, needles, surgery, or a dependence on the practitioner. It also addresses a growing demand from patients and third party payers for professional rehabilitation services that develop the patient's self-treatment skills in a cost-effective and time-effective manner.

The McKenzie Method® is a collaboration of a patient’s ability to learn the principles and the self-awareness to empower themselves to be in control of their own symptom management.  This reduces a patient’s dependency on medical intervention.

The key to effective treatment lies in diagnosis.  When the underlying cause is correctly identified the correct treatment can be determined to reach the desired result.

Boca Raton Physical Therapy Center offers individual assessment through a series of diagnostic steps that include having the patient go through a prescribed series of postures and motions to determine the actual cause of the problem. Our Physical Therapists do this with every patient to determine the real cause of their pain.  An individual therapy program is then designed to correct the condition.  In just a few sessions the patient will learn how to keep that condition from recurring and how to use self-treatment.

We provide the guidance and nurturing that our patients need to fully understand the reasons they are having the pain, stiffness and discomfort that they are experiencing.  We teach patients how to help themselves by self-administering their own treatment to alleviate their conditions when they occur so that they do not have to rely on expensive medications to mask the pain.

Patient Benefits:

Our physical therapists will carefully assess your condition to determine the right course of treatment to effectively treat your condition.

An individual program is designed for you and is slowly implemented over a period of a few sessions.  Our goal is to send you home feeling confident that you understand your condition, what the cause of your pain and discomfort is and how to self-administer your own treatment at home to achieve positive, lasting results.

We carefully follow your progress to be sure that you are achieving the results that you came to us in search of.  We will fine tune your individual program until we positively achieve those results.

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